How to Get the 2022 Presidents Cup Golf Tickets (Guide)

The Presidents Cup is a unique competition because there is no prize or money for the winner. The participating players are not paid for their participation, but each competitor allocates an equal portion of the funds generated for charity.

Presidents Cup Tickets

The Presidential Cup has influenced more than 450 charities in 16 countries around the world. About the next two months, we can all watch the 2022 Grand Presidents Cup golf which will be broadcast live online through official channels or you can come directly to the venue of the competition. The event will start on September 20, 2022 and will end on September 25, 2022.

The venue for this competition is the Quail Hollow Club, which is one of the most prestigious places for Golf fans. To be able to watch live at the venue, visitors can buy tickets in advance. Tickets to enter the venue have been sold online through the official site of the 2022 Presidential Cup.

On the official site, you will also get every information related to the event. Browse in the ticket section where you will find many payment options. Payment can be made using Paypal or credit card. It’s that easy, and you have got tickets to watch the 2022 Presidential Cup. Besides the official website, you can also try to check on various other licensed ticket sales websites.

Before buying a ticket, you should first know the types of tickets available. Here are the types of tickets and their estimated prices.

  • Grounds Ticket

The initial price for this ticket is $60 and goes up to $400. This ticket is commonly known as a Ground Pass, where you can walk along the rope and see the game. Also, you can get the opportunity to use 17 stands around the course. You can also buy food and enjoy it during the game. Cheap and festive.

  • Captain’s Club

The second place is the Captain’s Club. This ticket price is $150 to $750. In addition to watching, you will get access to facilities built right on the 11th Green. Spectators with this ticket can also get a chance to see the amazing view and enjoy eating pub-style menus.

  • International Club

This ticket has a price of $450 – $1,600 and is usually saved for famous people or rich people. This International Club ticket offers a relaxing lounge and interior. For rich people who want to watch the 2022 Presidents Cup at the venue, they are encouraged to buy this ticket. Included in the ticket, you will get food all day along with drink packages. What’s more, you can eat whatever food you want, beer and wine are the favorite menus there.

You can buy Presidents Cup Tickets from the Presidents Cup Official Website.

In addition to this type of ticket, there are still many other types of tickets such as Weekend Grounds Ticket, Weekly Ground Ticket, and Final Word of Mouth. You can get the tickets you want through the site – official or licensed.

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